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Saturday, October 08, 2005

When it rains

My apt is about six steps under ground level, so the bottoms of my windows are about where the ground is. I'm in my living room right now and to my right is a big slidey window. Right outside my window is the ground, which is covered with stones, the gray types often found in landscaping. Above this window is the balcony of my upstairs neighbor. When it rains, I hear a constant dripping of water on the stones. The water has traveled from the roof or the balcony above or straight from the cloud, which is a seven-minute journey, I once learned. It's nearly the most relaxing, soothing sound I've ever heard. Drops travel seven minutes from their formation in a cloud to land outside my window.

When it rains and I'm in bed, I listen to the water hitting the rocks outside my open window and every muscle in my body feels like it melts. It's better than a bubble bath. It's almost better than the calm after an intense yoga session. It's complete warmth and peace and natural harmony.


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