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My visit to Better Connecticut

My friend and HRC cohort Marlene Wilhelm visited Scot Haney on WFSB’s Better Connecticut on April 1, 2010 on behalf of The House Rabbit Connection. We discussed why parents should not include rabbits in Easter baskets. Rabbits can live 14 years and potential owners should be prepared for taking care of the entire lifespan of the pet.

Beckett was a frisky bunny with his new stuffed animal bunny, but this is exactly why you should fix your bunnies! HRC spays and neuters every rabbit before we adopt them out.

Marlene did most of the talking. I was trying to keep Beckett from misbehaving too much, and changing the rating of Better Connecticut from G to XXX!

2 comments to My visit to Better Connecticut

  • The layout for your website is a bit off in Flock. Still I like your web site. I may have to install a “normal” browser just to enjoy it. :)

  • Abi

    Great interview! Beckett was hilarious, acting just as you’d expect. But you guys did a great job getting the message across. Are you going to be making another appearance this year?

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