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We’re adding to our zoo

Not with another animal this time (for the last 2 years, it’s been a pet a year with Bandit, then Jacoby), but with twins! The whole process of being pregnant so far (19 weeks today) has been an adventure, to say the least. Twins are an entirely different story from singletons, says everyone who’s ever been pregnant with twins. I can safely say, though, I haven’t gotten actual “morning” sickness, which I’ll be forever grateful for!

I’m mainly constantly and completely exhausted, which makes even walking <a href=”http://bunnyblab.com/”>Jacoby (our greyhound, whom joined our family/zoo December 2 of last year)</a> difficult with any regularity. I long for the days (and he does, too!) when I can walk with him again for 4 miles, but this time with 2 babies in tow! I miss those long, relaxed walks. We’ve been mainly walking just around the few blocks near our house lately. Paul walks him when he’s home, and I tend to walk him when he’s away, but I’ve been struggling to do so.

I finally hired a sophomore student from the high school across the street this week to be his dog walker, and she just loves him. Today was his second day with Jennifer, and he already got the idea that she will happily walk him around and bring him home. Yesterday, he didn’t know if she was going to dognap him or what, and made his walks very short because of his uncertainty. Today he got it and she commented about how happy he was on his walks. Which makes me happy, too, and grateful that I found Jennifer, who is a sweet, sweet girl who loves animals.

So my 40-week due date is technically April 14, but doctors almost never let mothers of twins go past 38 or 39 weeks, and twins are unpredictable in their delivery timetable, so we could meet our babies anytime after mid-February (which would be 32 weeks).

Jacoby likes to cuddle and nose-bump my baby bump and I think he’ll be an AMAZING big doggie brother to the babies. I think he’ll be one of those dogs who comes to cry at me (not bark, because barking’s beneath him! LOL) when the babies need something. And he’ll probably want to sleep in their nursery on occasion, too, just to make sure they’re okay.

Bandit will run from them and their crying at first, but she’ll eventually warm up to them when she realizes they won’t hurt her and they’re not going anywhere.

SweetPea will notice the crying, but won’t care much about anything else. She’ll get used to it, too, as she’s gotten used to so many big changes in her life so far. She’s a trooper, but aloof and kind of a loner, especially for a bunny (they’re usually very social animals). She likes to run around and sniff parts of Jacoby when he’s laying down, but mainly she chooses to hang out on her own. She’s friendly with both Jacoby and Bandit (definitely not afraid of either), but I wouldn’t say she’s buddies with them. She likes them, but doesn’t cuddle with them. That’s just her personality.

Anyway, the babies… we’re going to find out the genders tomorrow. Stay tuned to our personal blog for updates on my pregnancy and the babies!

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